Proper interpretation and correct application of various fiscal legislations is a highly specialised field. Many clients in recent times have become more aware and as such require service in this direction than ever before. We offer tax advice to individuals and corporate clients, and in areas such as Personal Income Tax, Companies Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Petroleum Profit Tax etc.
Whilst we place emphasis on Tax Planning, we also carry out the compliance aspect of taxation by assisting clients to prepare returns and agree the eventual tax liability with the relevant tax authority. The firm has and maintains good relationship with the revenue officials and this in no small way expedites the prompt issuance of Tax Clearance Certificate, which is required by all businesses.
Since we live in a dynamic environment, changes in tax laws are often features we cannot avoid. With our closeness to our clients, we are able to make them aware promptly of the implications of various government policies.
Transfer Pricing
Transfer pricing is at the root of related party transactions. We assist in setting up policies, file relevant documents with the Tax authorities and defend our clients during Transfer Pricing audits.

Acceptance Certificate
For the purpose of granting Capital Allowance by the Federal Board of Inland Revenue, major assets purchased by a company are to be registered and a certificate obtained from the Federal Ministry. This is a specialized field that must be handled by competent professionals.

United States (US) Individuals, Business & Non-Profits Taxes, FINCEN and FATCA Reportings

We have the capacity through our affiliates to directly assist you in filing your US IRS Forms 1040, 1120, 1120S, 1065, 1041, 706, 990 and all State/City Taxes. Through the same affiliation, we can equally assist with FINCEN and FATCA Reportings.