Companies Statutory Secretarial Services

Our statutory report on the audit of the companies incorporated under the Companies and Allied Matters Act 1990 has to include a positive or negative statement regarding compliance with the requirements of the Act, we are obliged to ensure that the statutory secretarial affairs of the company are up-to-date and we ensure that:

  • The prescribed procedures for the incorporation of a company under law are fully complied with
  • All relevant statutory books and registers are kept
  • All statutory returns are filed promptly
  • Minutes of board meetings are promptly developed, approved at subsequent board meetings and included in the minutes book
  • The company’s seal is securely kept to prevent its improper use
  • Annual general meetings are held promptly as and when due

For the foregoing reason, we provide Statutory Secretarial Advisory Services to those of our audit clients that require such services either on a permanent (retainer) basis or as and when needed.