Our primary objective is to provide a statutory audit opinion on client's financial statements, at the same time, we understand the need to provide assurance on the standard of client's business controls and also provide advice on helping client's business growth and development. We will focus on client's business developmental issues by involving the most experienced members of our audit team right from the start.
The main elements of our audit approach are set out below:
Assignment introduction
We have carefully developed our approach to starting new assignments. We understand that a change of auditors can cause disruption to client's management team and accounting staff. We therefore use proven project management techniques, including:              

  • The use of experienced senior personnel in key positions;
  • Detailed review of proposed audit and accounting timetable to ensure that they are achievable and;
  • Effective documentation of client's systems ensuring that our audit is based on a thorough understanding of the way our clients work.

Partner-led service
The most important element of Partner-led auditing is our discussions with clients to identify expectations from the audit and to understand key business and control issues. This will ensure that the key risks are identified and dealt with from the start.
We will produce a Planning Memorandum, which set out the audit timetable, the responsibilities of all parties involved in the audit and the management letter process. Our audit service will also seek to help clients further develop their business. As well as attending audit reporting meetings, we can, if requested, arrange additional meetings outside the non-audit process to discuss industry issues and accounting development.
Audit Technology
Our automated audit software allows us to deliver our audit service cost-effectively, without compromising on standards. It provides our team with time to focus on business issues, rather than administration, thus enhancing efficiency.
Value Added Reviews
We shall also carry out value-added reviews such as “Enterprise Governance” and “Strategic Scorecard” which no other firm can offer.